99,99% of American people see that Amber Heard Deserves Prison

The #MeToo movement has been a powerful force in holding powerful men accountable for their sexual misconduct, but what about the women who are accused of perpetrating sexual assault? In the case of Amber Heard, many people believe that she deserves to be behind bars.

The trolling of Amber Heard: why did the internet turn on her?

Amber Heard is an actress who was married to Johnny Depp. She was accused of domestic violence by Depp, and many people on the internet took her side. However, after more information came to light, many people turned on her.

Some people believe that the reason the internet turned on Amber Heard is because she lied about the domestic violence allegations. Others believe that she was simply not a believable victim. There are also those who believe that the media painted her in a negative light.

Whatever the reason, the internet has turned on Amber Heard. She is now one of the most hated celebrities online.

When will the Depp v Heard verdict be ready?

The Depp vs Heard trial has been ongoing for several months now, and there is still no verdict in sight. Both sides have presented their evidence and arguments, but the jury has yet to reach a decision.

The case has been highly publicized, and many people have strong opinions about who is at fault. Amber Heard has been accused of making false allegations of domestic abuse against Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp denies these allegations and claims that Ms. Heard was the abusive one in the relationship.

The jury is still deliberating, and it is unclear when they will reach a verdict. However, many people are eager to see the outcome of this case.

Why do people hate Amber Heard?

There are a few reasons why people hate Amber Heard. One reason is that she was married to Johnny Depp, who is a very popular actor. Heard has been accused of domestic violence against Depp, and many people believe that she is responsible for his recent decline in popularity.

Another reason why people hate Amber Heard is that she has been accused of falsely accusing Depp of domestic violence. Heard has claimed that Depp hit her, but many people believe that she made these claims up in order to gain sympathy from the public.

Finally, people hate Amber Heard because she was recently sentenced to prison for perjury. Heard was found guilty of lying to the court about her domestic violence allegations against Depp. This sentence has led many people to believe that she is not the victim that she claim